Senin, 12 Desember 2016

Top Action Anime of All Time In The World

As a fan of anime, I have spent thousands of hours in my life to watch hundreds of anime titles. Of the several hundred titles, I found some that really can I enjoy.

Some because the story is inspiring, animation is beautiful or interesting theme, or in some cases a combination between the three. The point I came to the conclusion that the anime as an art medium also has some examples of the class maestro.

Because I just watched from the mid-1990s, the list is very less with older anime, I also do not put the movie on this list because it is between the series and the movie is rather difficult and often even bias (such as comparing the sprint and marathon). The order of this list is also relatively random, the number 18 is not necessarily worse than the number 11, but some of that is in the top 10 is a masterpiece of art and without a doubt I think is better than having a lower rank.

Before we discuss 20 best anime, we need to discuss some honorable mention are "almost" fit into this list, but for some reason did not so I entered.

  1. Ruroni Kenshin as a child growing up in the 90s, could not I do not know this anime. With the theme of the Meiji Restoration wrapped with samurai romance, this work once I considered a maestro of the anime, but as I grew older, the quality of this work into a relatively "normal" course - especially when compared with the entry in the list below. But if you have time to spend, this anime is still very worth seeing
  2. Clannad anime school like any peace peaceful life? The anime is fit to be your main reference. Clannad itself has a story that is predictable but still beautiful, corny character combinations but still charming and stunningly beautiful visual nan (in his time).
  3. Doraemon okay, who is not familiar Doraemon, the robot stories are magical and lazy boy has become one of the most famous in the world of IP. Plot itself is unique with the passage of time and the robots have advanced tools of the future. But with hundreds of episodes that taste again and again and some of the tools that I feel like a similar function, makes this work is not worth a top 20.
  4. Kodomo no Jikan watch anime themed pedophilia is one of the "sin" which I assume you have to do. This anime has the courage to explore sexuality small child and unnatural romatisme theme among pre-pubescent children and adults (who seems like popsicles). Unfortunately, many fans service themed lollies prevent me entering this work to the list.
  5. Crayon Shinchan as Doraemon, Crayon Shinchan has an interesting theme, plot and characters light which is really unique. This anime has some of the early episodes compelling. Dear increasingly backward so her story is getting repetitive and boring. For that reason I do not enter into the list Shinchan.
  6. Tatami Galaxy is a story with the visual beauty of the upper class, combined with a sharp script story but make thinking, dialogue (+ monologue?) Enchanting and evocative thought. Unfortunately, visual art style that carried a bit too unique to my own-and the majority of mainstream anime lovers will lose their appetite.
  7. Katanagatari is another masterpiece from the creators Monogatari - Nisio Isin. Katanagatari took a different approach by Monogatari who told me about a lot of ideas and topics, with a more focused story. Carrying a romance story is compelling and beautiful ride at once antique. This success story took me laugh and cry. Unfortunately, I prefer to feel guilty if Monogatari so that these enter into the list.
  8. Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood had been a favorite of mine, is reinforced by the concept of alchemy that is rare in other anime and motives of the protagonist's seemingly unquestionable. The series is set off from the light becomes more severe and ultimately have a climax that makes breathing heavily. Sayang too many characters are "ordinary" (and too comical? Inc Armstrong) in the anime makes me a bit lazy to enter the super popular this work into the top 20 list.
  9. Bleach animation although these are now more like the garbage fed to viewers because many characters are unclear fate, the power level of the character inconsistent, Bleach never quite pull the Soul Society arc. Full of intrigue, politics, conflicts of interest and compliance as well as background characters with riveting. Moreover dipamungkasi by a double (or triple) backstab by Aizen legendary. Tite Kubo pity now seemed to give up on thinking in this anime.
  10. Dragon Ball if Toriyama would dismiss this series right after the first Budokai Tenkaichi, this anime might deserve to be in the top 20. How not, the prefix of the anime is so powerful if Toriyama would dismiss this series right after the first Budokai Tenkaichi, this anime might deserve to be in the top 20. How not, the prefix of the anime series is so strong, with solid characters and interactions between characters are top class. Should this happen because in one interview in the magazine legacy (which I can not find the source), Toriyama initially planned DB dipamungkasi fight Jackie Chan (teachers) and Son Go Ku (pupil).
Okay, please stop here let's look at 20 best anime I've ever seen myself and I find interesting, and certainly highly recommend you watch to spend a special time to enjoy it.